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Interactive performance, performed by volunteers. Cooperation with poet Maarten van den Berg. Curated by Frans van Lent & Saskia Meesters

The event aimed to revitalize 14 stumps of trees, which had been cut down due to a new street design on the Museum Street. Each stump was assigned to one of the 14 Dutch artists who were invited by the curators. Their task was to transform the stumps into unique pieces of art, giving them a second life as artistic creations.

One of these art pieces was Tree Nr. 3, featuring the 'breathe performance.' In this interactive installation, random passersby were invited to engage in the artwork. They were asked to read a poetry line provided by Maarten van den Berg and then perform it by panting for breath. The performance became an immersive experience as participants gave life to the words through their breath.

The project served as a creative and thought-provoking way to pay homage to the trees that once stood tall on Museum Street. Through art and interaction, the stumps were given a new purpose, engaging the community and drawing attention to the importance of nature and public spaces in urban environments.

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