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Borders & Boundaries

BIO50 24th Biennale / Mao - Museum Ljubljana.

Interactive videoproject ‘Borders/Boundaries’ by Maureen Bachaus and Jeton Muja, for the Biennale project ‘Hotel BIO50 }’, established by Alessandro Fonte and Silvia Susanna and curated by Jan Boelen, Ljubljana Slovenia.


Selection of video's:

Felipe, United Kingdom / Colombia


Vinny, USA


Vedat, Kosovo


Tanya, Belgium


Palash, Bangladesh


Morgen, USA


Tourism, or traveling, encompasses more than just crossing physical borders such as continents, countries, cities, or villages. As ancient mythological stories about journeys to the underworld have shown, borders are not solely geographical but also psychological. When crossing a geographical border, the traveler confronts not only external boundaries but also the limits of their own identity. Stepping beyond familiar surroundings leads to leaving a part of one's known identity behind, becoming a stranger to oneself and others. The new environment forces the traveler to confront their own perception of who they are.

In a project centered around the theme of 'Nano tourism' (small-scale tourism), the MAO museum's anonymous and impersonal exhibition space symbolically represented the idea of crossing borders. Biennale visitors responded on video to thought-provoking questions about how travel had fundamentally changed them, the valuable lessons they had learned, and the personal boundaries they encountered.

To broaden the project's reach, open calls with the same questions were posted on the internet. Live interviews were conducted via Skype, inviting people from diverse backgrounds and cultures to record smartphone videos while sharing their responses. The culmination of these interactions resulted in the presentation of videos at the MAO museum. Additionally, visitors had the opportunity to express their personal reflections on traveling, borders, and boundaries by writing on postcards, which were then displayed on the exhibition space's wall.

The primary aim of the project, spearheaded by Maureen Bachaus and Jeton Muja, was to explore and challenge psychological and cultural boundaries through direct engagement with the public. As visitors shared their thoughts, the exhibition space evolved from an unfamiliar territory into a personal and intimate environment, reflecting the collective impact of their experiences and insights.


For those interested in exploring the entire project, including all the videos, they can be found at

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