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BAUM - international art collective


The name BAUM is formed by the first letters of the founders' surnames Bachaus and Muja. At the same time it's the German term for 'Tree', which symbolizes the way of working of this art collective.


Maureen Bachaus (Netherlands) and Jeton Muja (Kosovo) form, so to speak, the roots of this collective. BAUM's way of working is project based. Depending on the theme, artists from different disciplines and cultures are invited to join a project.


The themes of BAUM projects are often related to social or human issuesYou can look upon a BAUM project as an artistic, contemporary and international research which can manifest itself in different ways: an online video project, a live performance, an exhibition in an art gallery, or presentation in a museum, such as the recent 'Borders & Boundaries' project at the MAO museum, part of the BIO50}hotel project, during the BIO50 Biennale in Slovenia.


The group of artists will be completely organic. The structure can be different with each project, and through each new project, the collective's network will expand and grow.




The birth of BAUM

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