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Introducing BAUM - an art collective rooted in diversity and social reflection

The name BAUM is derived from the first letters of the founders' surnames, Bachaus and Muja, while also holding significance as the German word for 'Tree.' This dual symbolism encapsulates the essence of this art collective's approach to their work.


Maureen Bachaus from the Netherlands and Jeton Muja from the Netherlands/Kosovo form the foundational roots of the BAUM collective. Their way of working revolves around project-based collaborations, where artists from diverse disciplines and cultures are invited to participate, depending on the theme of each project.


The themes explored in BAUM's projects often center around social or human issues. Each BAUM project can be seen as an artistic, contemporary, and international research endeavor, taking on various forms such as online video projects, live performances, art gallery exhibitions, or presentations in esteemed museums. For instance, one of their notable projects, 'Borders & Boundaries,' was showcased at the MAO museum as part of the BIO50 Biennale in Slovenia.


The group of artists within BAUM operates in an organic manner, allowing for flexibility in structure with each new project. As they embark on different artistic ventures, the collective's network continually expands and evolves, fostering a dynamic and growing community of artists

Jeton Muja
The Netherlands / Kosovo


Interdisciplinary artist
Teacher iArts Institute of Arts /  Zuyd Hogeschool

website & c.v.

Maureen Bachaus
the Netherlands

Interdisciplinary artist

Policy advisor Art & Culture

website & c.v.

The birth of BAUM

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